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EL Diabolero

Streetshow - Circus - Cabaret

Exceptional, awardwinning performances from Vienna / Austria


Hi, I´m Abraham Thill.

I´m a professional Street- and Circus-performer 

since 1999.

I started studying drama in Vienna, in 2003, finishing with a diploma in 2006. Since then I kept on acting

and directing at theaters each winter in my hometown, the rest of the season was always dedicated to the unique world of New Circus.


After 9 years of independently busking around the globe, since 2008 I started working more and more as a contracted performer at different events, such as international circus- festivals. 

All the juggling- and other technical skills, that are a part of my show, I taught myself and as far as the presentation is concerned, I´m confident, that my theatrical experience helps quite a bit.


I was born 1980, in Vienna, Austria.

I discovered the world of international streetperforming in 1999, and since then it rules my world.

Sometimes people ask me "what´s the main reason for doing what you do?", or "how did you come to that lifestyle?"

My answer to that is quite simple: It just happened. Since my first performance in the streets, I loved all the aspects, that where connected with it. The spontaneity, the closeness to the audience, the unpredictability of the situations in public spaces, the freedom, the travelling, the playful lifestyle... simply to do what I love the most, and even to be paid to do so. -As long as this is the case, I don´t see any reason to stop it.

a b o u t   m e

Photocredit: Dominik Izaquiel Tomé

Photocredit: Dominik Izaquiel Tomé

Photocredit: Dominik Izaquiel Tomé


...and my show, Diabolissimo


It´s not at all easy to put the show into words, as terms and definitions as „Diabolo-Show“ or „Comedy-Juggling-Show“ are only trying to describe what it is...

It´s an energy-packed, 30 to 60 minutes long street-performance, including clowning, pantomime, comedy, object- and subject-manipulations, improvisations, even some magic and last, but not least: extraordinary and mind-blowing Diabolo-skills. (Like extremely high tosses up to 35 metres, multiple diabolo-juggling, etc....)

The mix of all those elements with the distinctive and highly infectious energy of the performer, turns the show into what it is: a „Diabolirium“ for audiences of all ages, an amazing crowdpuller anywhere it takes place, an internationally multiple awarded streetperformance.


The "moment of silence", a trick where the performer turns into a fountain-statue with a diabolo spinning on his fingers while a ball is spinning on the tip of one of the diabolo-sticks; or "The shot into the universe", where the diabolo literally disappears in front of the surprised audience, are just two of those moments, that create the very special, undescribable ambience of the act.

Photocredit: Dennis Bora

In 2018 El Diabolero developed a new, highly spectacular and truely unique finale, which is not performed by any other street- or circus- performer worldwide! - A whip-catch

(one-handed catch, using the string of the sticks, like a whip) of a small Diabolo, from maximum height (35-40 meters).



"Diabolissimo", New Finale, Promo (2 min)

"Diabolissimo", Promo (4 min)

Slomo, Garmisch-Partenkirchen 2015

Promo 2013


2016_09_10 - El Diabolero Promo_476
2016_09_10 - El Diabolero Promo_108
ElDiabolero 05.09.2014 01-14-41

Photocredits: Fabian Grubler, Dominik Izaquiel Tomé, Nicole Oestreich (s/w), Dennis Bora, Ruth Chudaska-Clemenz

Contact me

Abraham Thill

Tel.: 0043(0)6504444909

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